Lemon Cotton Sugar Scrub

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We have gotten rave reviews from our summer market customers on our new Emulsified Sugar Scrubs and have decided to add them to our website here at Okie Soap Shop!

We use an ingredient called Emulsifying Wax in our scrubs that is used to binds oils and water together, preventing the layer of oil sometimes found on top of the sugar in sugar scrubs. No more need to stir the scrub before using it!

Our scrubs are made using ingredients such as pure cane sugar, shea butter, hempseed oil making this a truly luxurious sugar scrub.

To Use:

Wet skin, apply a small amount (your preference) to wet skin and gently massage, then rinse.

Caution: Due to the oils and butters used in this product, it can leave your tub or shower slippery.

Each container is 8 ounces.